About Us

How the Service Works

You can call any of our access numbers from any UK phone, without the need to register first.  Any call costs for the international calls are settled in the rate you pay for the access number which you can find next to the destination you wish to call.

For instance, a call to Karachi, Pakistan (021 - 3544 4444):
  1. Dial the access number for Pakistan: 0843 594 0044 and wait a couple of seconds for the call to connect
  2. Listen to the short message giving you instructions
  3. When prompted, dial the international access code for Pakistan (0092) and the number you want to call, leaving out the first ‘0’: (21 3544 4444).

The price stated next to every access number is all-inclusive (including VAT). There are no additional subscription or membership costs for the international call, and you will only ever be charged by your call billing company, never by us.

The rates stated are based on BT landline rates. For all other operators, including mobile operators, please check with your provider for the rates they charge to our access numbers. Calling from a payphone or mobile phone may be surcharged by your operator. We cannot influence the rates charged by other operators as non-BT operators set their own tariffs using their own billing systems.  For more information see our Q&A-section.