About Us

The world is becoming a smaller place every day. We now regularly communicate with people from other countries on a daily basis, for both business and personal reasons. There are a number of tools facilitating this huge growth in global communications, including email, social networks, SMS, and international calls.

We would like to tell you a few things about International Callz, and why we are so different from other companies providing similar services:
  • We are as passionate about providing you with the cheapest international calls as you are about making them.
  • Our team comprises of experienced, highly skilled telecom experts. Our objective is to lower the cost of international calls, without the need to compromise on call quality. We want to bring greater transparency to how much international calls cost.
  • We aim to give our customers a range of options to minimise their costs. With International Callz, you know exactly how much your cheap international call will cost you. Our sister site (www.inclusiveinternationalcalls.com) allows people to make international calls using their inclusive mobile minutes.

We never compromise on the quality of the call. There are other service providers out there who will use internet technology to provide cheap international calls, but the call clarity and quality is poor. There is nothing more frustrating as having a conversation, where you can only hear every other word spoken.

The cost of making international calls is currently very high in the marketplace – certainly higher than it needs to be, in our opinion. And it is also a sector where the total cost of each call is not always made clear to the customer. Many operators advertise a low headline rate, but hit you afterwards with connection costs, subscriptions, members’ fees, etc. We don’t do any of that. You simply pay for the advertised cost of your international call.
Happy calling!